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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am happy with my WIP Steampunk doll now....

I was getting worried that I didn't know what to do quit next with my new doll. But last nite I had insomnia and of course, dollsWEREcallingme, so I faithfully got up and ended up painting her face. So now all is good again and I am at ease. ha   I have a good direction for her outfit but not as much for her face. I like her green eyes. This is an earlier pic, she has a little more detail now. I'm looking for black roving for her hair.
DRUM ROLL............This is her FacE debut. I made her a felted hat. It's my first one!
Here's the hat. It took quit awhile to make it but it was very relaxing.
Anyway, I have to get working on another doll before Steampunk girl gets her clothes. So I better run becos   dollsRcallingme......

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