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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here is my Planet 10 doll, using 4 different bottles.

This is my commentary on the planet.......

Art Doll Quarterly had a challenge to make a doll using unique bottles. So I used 3 small garlic jars and 1 old Avon bottle for the base.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a doggie in the laundry basket, that kind of sounds like a song......

Miscellaneous art

A collection of my Art Dolls

my napkin chairs

my doggies


My version of Red Riding Hood, did in college Spring 2011

This is my finished deer doll "Frannie"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here are some works in progress for my 'Winter Fantasy' doll. I am naming her Frannie "Protector of the Woods"

Black gesso.

Brown acrylic craft paint.

After a layer of Decoart Weathered Wood. This is a coat of acrylic paint called 'Goosefeather'.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm working on my Winter Fantasy doll and here are a couple current pics.

The beginning of my "Protector of the Woods"

Now my doll has a face. Latte` is checking it out too.

She decides to sniff out the situation. I think she approves. ha :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is the 'flying' doll that is at top of my Cloth/Clay interview, before she got hair. Also a random head shot of her before she got her body.

A pic of most of the dolls I made this past year.

The life size 'doll' next to me is an example of the saran wrap & packaging tape technique.

This is a big deal for me to have built this red pedestal. I certainly learned alot while constructing it!!

This was "Bilori's" table set up for a craft fair. You will see similar items on our Etsy store coming this week.

Over view of our table.

These are Mr. Bill's pen & ink drawings. I have done some watercoloring and pastels to some of them.

Some of this past years dolls along with a few Christmas trees.

The chicken wire and saran wrap tornado.

Hi all, I want to share this new technique I learned using saran wrap. The most fun was to use this technique is to do an arm or body. But it can be done with anything. Wrap your arm and fingers with saran wrap several times. Then cover over the saran wrap with clear packaging tape to make it stronger and rigid. Then when it is all covered and looks the way you want it, then you get some scissors and cut the whole length of the arm so you can get your arm out. Then you have a perfect replica of an arm. Alot of people will seal up the arm and fill it with plaster of paris. Once it's dry you cut away the saran and tape and you have a great arm shape to use for a project. This can be done with anything - sky's the limit.

Here are some college assignments.

Working on it in class.

Brought it home for finishing touches.

See the doll climbing out of the vortex.

Here it is hanging in the art gallery show, breaking out of it's box.
First assignment was called "The Box" and it should tell something about ourselves. Mine is a tornado of turmoil, but the primitive armature doll climbing out of the tornado is indicating that everything is going to be okay.