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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm working on my Winter Fantasy doll and here are a couple current pics.

The beginning of my "Protector of the Woods"

Now my doll has a face. Latte` is checking it out too.

She decides to sniff out the situation. I think she approves. ha :)


  1. I like where you are going with this! It should be great! Marilou

  2. Hi Me again, Thanks for stopping by my blog, as you can see I'm a lover of many things and I love trying new things, that is the fun of creating. You are the best! My blog might put some artsy people off as it isn't an arty like blog but I'm vintage myself! I like many different looks and tastes and I don't mind putting myself out there to try new things. Hugs to you my friend! Marilou